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The tech I use every day

Having a degree in photography and studying photography and media for so many years, you would surprised how much "basic" tech I actually use. Many people seem to think that photographers use the best and priciest tech. Of course there are a lot that do, but quite a lot just use the basics and make… Continue reading The tech I use every day

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The random photo tag

I thought this would be an interesting tag to do, I love doing things like this on facebook haha! You have to go to the 17th image in your photo folder on your computer and then explain the photo. Here's mine! So this is a photo of a race car my Dad drove around Daytona… Continue reading The random photo tag

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Top 5 YouTubers I love

Hi everyone! I've not posted in a while and I'm so sorry, I've had quite a few hours at work this week and have literally just come home and gone straight to bed. So today I thought I'd talk about the people I love watching on Youtube. I think I have quite a diverse choice… Continue reading Top 5 YouTubers I love


Top 5 fragrances for women

Valentine's day is tomorrow! So I thought I'd tell you my top 5 ladies fragrances, wether your wondering which fragrance to go for tomorrow, or wether your thinking of buying a fragrance for someone. 1. Marc Jacobs Dot At the minute this is my favourite fragrance. I got this for my birthday last week from… Continue reading Top 5 fragrances for women


Tips for buying your first car

Recently I bought my very first car. I haven't passed my test yet and I'm undecided wether get learner insurance on it or not seeing as my test is coming up soon. However, I thought I would share my experience and my tips for buying your first car! My car is a 2009 Citroen C1.… Continue reading Tips for buying your first car


Graduating University & The Aftermath

Seeing as my last post went down so well, I'm going to continue the story on a little! I graduated July of 2016 with a degree in Photography, you can read all about my degree work here! Graduation was strange, it hadn't really sunk in that it was all over and I wouldn't see most… Continue reading Graduating University & The Aftermath

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The Images That Got My Degree

If you didn't know already, I have a degree in photography! I graduated in July 2016, which as I'm writing this is quite a while ago now! However, I thought to get back into the swing of blogging I'd show you my final degree images and explain what my project was all about. So my… Continue reading The Images That Got My Degree