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What I got from Florida

Recently I went to Florida, and I was there when hurricane Irma hit! You can read all about my hurricane experience here!  And I splashed out! I just thought to myself, I'm in Florida, why not treat myself. So I saved before I went and let lose while I was there, and thought I would… Continue reading What I got from Florida

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My Hurricane Irma Experience

If you keep up with my Instagram and Twitter,ย you'll know that I've recently just got home from Florida. I was in Florida from the 1st - 15th of this month, so Irma came slap bang in the middle of my holiday. I think I should also mention that this isn't my first hurricane, I was… Continue reading My Hurricane Irma Experience

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Top Places To Eat In Orlando

If you've been keeping tabs on my Instagram, then you'll know I've recently just been to Florida! And yes hurricane Irma was slap bang in the middle of my holiday. However this post isn't about Irma, I'm going to be talking about great places to eat out in Orlando seeing as I am quite the… Continue reading Top Places To Eat In Orlando

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The random photo tag

I thought this would be an interesting tag to do, I love doing things like this on facebook haha! You have to go to the 17th image in your photo folder on your computer and then explain the photo. Here's mine! So this is a photo of a race car my Dad drove around Daytona… Continue reading The random photo tag



Faye Valentine//Canon 650d Amsterdam. Probably the most beautiful city I have ever been to, and I have been to many beautiful cities across Europe, but there's just something about the way these people live. Every inch of the city was stunning, we never saw a bad part the whole 4 days we were there. Faye… Continue reading Amsterdam

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Things To Do In Southport

Southport Pierย  I grew up in Southport, and until I lived at university, I thought exactly the same as anyone else "there's nothing to do here". I was wrong! There's plenty to do, I only realised when I moved away to Manchester for three years, as in this time I was visiting Southport. I guess… Continue reading Things To Do In Southport


Norwegian Epic

The year 2016 is a special birthday year for my family, as I turn 21, my sister turns 18 and my dad turns 50. Therefore, we wanted to splash out a little more money for a nice holiday. We had been on cruise ships before, but never with Norwegian Cruise lines, which is a "freestyle"… Continue reading Norwegian Epic