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My Hurricane Irma Experience

If you keep up with my Instagram and Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve recently just got home from Florida. I was in Florida from the 1st – 15th of this month, so Irma came slap bang in the middle of my holiday. I think I should also mention that this isn’t my first hurricane, I was there when Wilma came in 2005, (I also had a running with tropical storm Erika the last time I was there). What can I say we’re unlucky with the weather!

Unlike Wilma, Irma went right over the top of Orlando and broke a few records, it was the craziest weather I’d seen. So as a tradition Brit, I thought I’d moan a bit about the weather. Im joking, I’m gonna share my experience and tell you everything that happened!


So the first day that it kind of affected Florida was the Friday. Places were open, but the parks and majority shut at 5pm. Instead of going to a park and feeling like we were being rushed, we decided to go to the Disney crazy golf near Disney’s Boardwalk. Unfortunately I had that much fun playing crazy golf I forgot to take any photos. The golf was included in our park passes, so if you ever have free time please visit it because it was the best crazy golf I’ve played!


After we finished playing golf, we decided to stroll down to Disney Boardwalk to have a snoop in some of the shops and grab a bite to eat. As we walked over the wind really started picking up and a few small branches fell off the trees, but nothing too bad! But the whole place was deserted, it was actually pretty creepy. We didn’t do much apart from buy a few things in the gift shop and grab a hot dog, there wasn’t too much going on. After that we went back to the hotel, got ready, and then set out to Millers Ale House which was PACKED as it was one of the only places open on I-Drive.


The day after, which is the night of the hurricane, we just had a lie in (Nothing else better to do). We then did absolutely nothing all day, it was petty boring. I mainly took advantage of the free wifi and caught up on Youtube! Earlier in the day I did venture out of the room just to look around the hotel and see what the weather was like. At that time it wasn’t too bad, but as time went on you could definitely see it was getting much worse.


Later on we ventured down to the hotel lobby where the restaurant and bar is, it was packed out, but we managed to find a table. We got some pizza from the bar and spent all night in there cause we were just so bored from sitting in the room all day. Eventually when it was time to go back the weather got so bad! It was so windy and rainy, everywhere was flooding.


We got back to the room and just went to bed. About 1am I woke up and tornado sirens were going off. I had a quick peek out the window and it looked really bad. Before we went to bed we put a mat along the bottom of the door just incase, and that was wet through. The rain was hitting our door even though we were under shelter! It was nuts. I just tried to go back to bed, I didn’t want to look too much, the wind and rain was so loud.


When I walked outside in the morning the weather had passed, and it was actually really sunny and nice! But there was tonnes of branches, leaves and all sorts all over the car park. Luckily a branch never fell on our car! I didn’t think it was too bad to begin with, but we walked down I-drive to have a look and it was much worse.


We didn’t want another day of sitting in the room, so we thought going to a mall would be a good idea, so we took a drive to downtown Orlando and things got worse. Trees, power lines and lamp posts were all in the road. The worst was the no power in certain areas, which meant no traffic lights, and America is full of cross roads.


As expected no where was open and we were forced to sit doing nothing in the room again. We thought later on some restaurants might be open, so we took a walk. Bahama Breeze and pizza hut were open, but the que’s were MASSIVE. The streets were full of tourists walking up and down looking for somewhere to eat. So we decided to go back to the hotel’s restaurant which had a short que, but while we were in there eating that sure grew as people realised there was nowhere open! The next day business returned to normal, kind of, a few parks were shut and a few rides down in Universal, there was still a lot of mess along the roads too.


So there we have it! My experience with Irma. Have you ever been in a hurricane? Or were you in Florida when Irma was there? Do tell!! I’d love to know!

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