Photography Bootcamp: Most recent experimental photos

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Lately I’ve been finding it difficult to find inspiration and the time to pick up my camera, but I’ve always found challenges a great way to push yourself and create more. So I’m starting a photography bootcamp, a series of challenges which I am going to challenge myself and YOU! Each week I’m going to post a theme for example, rule of thirds, you’d have a week to come up with a set of images around that theme. Send them to me through instagram, twitter you name it! I’d love to see your images.

Doing a challenge like this will not only keep you on the ball, but it will also build on your skills, challenging you to do something that may be outside your comfort zone. It works wonders for your skills and you may even find your style, something I have struggled with for a long time.

This week: Your most recent 2 photos

The theme for this week is your most recent 2 photo’s. Its a bit of a boring one, but to kick it off I thought I’d go easy and simple, seeing as I haven’t had a week to produce anything! (I wanted to get this post up on Monday so it starts every week)


These 2 photos are just me experimenting with my new prism in my garden, there not the best but its all about experimentation.

If your wanting to participate in my photography bootcamp challenge you have one week to experiment and then show my your 2 most recent photos next Monday when the next challenge is up! Have fun experimenting!


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