Sunglasses Collection

I am known for hoarding sunglasses. I love them, I think it is pretty much the ultimate accessory. I love sunglasses that much I’ll even wear them in the winter.

After the years I have hoarded quite a lot of sunglasses, so I thought I’d share my favourites.


I love these purple reflective sunglasses! I bought them last year when I went on my cruise holiday with my family. I spotted them when we were walking down a road full of shops in France, sadly I can’t remember the shop name and it looked to be a family run business. I actually wish I bought more of there sunglasses because they were all so beautiful!



New Look

These sunglasses a year old and I had a nosey on New Look’s website to see if they still do them and unfortunately they don’t anymore! However, New Look do some amazing sunglasses and they’re not too badly priced either! So it’s worth having a little look on their website.



I love these amazing Topshop sunglasses! I’m really into my large cat eye reflecting sunglasses and these are right up my street. My only complaint about them would be that they are quite fragile, so be careful! I’m still on the hunt for a pretty hard sunglasses case, please comment below if you know where I can buy one!



These sunglasses are pretty old, and I only really bought them for work. I would recommend buying Primark sunglasses if you work outside and your sunglasses might get crushed due to the work you do. They’re cheap so I wasn’t too bothered about looking after them but to my surprise they are quite sturdy.



When me and Mum last went to Liverpool on a shopping trip she dragged me in Peacocks and I was really reluctant to go as I’m not too found of Peacocks, but I found these cute sunglasses and a really nice pair of rose gold pumps! Never say never!



I’m obsessed with Quay Australia sunglasses but I don’t own any cause I just can’t bring myself to spend a lot of money on sunglasses. However, I had a look in Asos’s own section and was surprised to find some beautiful sunglasses which look like Quay Australia’s.



Another Asos own brand sunglasses which look very much like Quay Australia and I’m obsessed! I would definitely recommend looking at Asos’s own sunglasses, totally worth it and not too badly priced.

What did you think of my sunglasses collection? Where do you buy yours from I would love to know!



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