25 facts about me


Seeing as I’ve been blogging quite a bit recently, I thought it would be great to tell you some facts about myself. Here we go!

  1. I’ve had pink in my hair for almost 10 years
  2. I have a degree in photography, but I’m not making money from my photographyimg_4044
  3. For 5 years I worked at a theme park on rides, I worked way up to a team leader in my final year
  4. I currently have two jobs, a bar gal in a sports bar and I work in a Wetherspoons
  5. I used to own a fairly popular Piczo website, which turned into a blog later on. But I stopped blogging when Piczo shut down, I missed it so decided to start this blog!
  6. I’m dyslexic and did my final project on this subject, you can read about it hereuntitled3
  7. I’m currently stuck in a rut and have no idea which way my life is going
  8. I’m in love with chocolate
  9. I have a Shih tzu called Cosmo, I named him after Cosmo from fairly odd parents
  10. I drink lots of lager, Carling and Budwiser are my faves
  11. I hated my first year at university because of where I lived, my second and third were probably the best times of my life
  12. I have a younger sister
  13. I live by the sea
  14. I own a Citroen C1 called Susanimg_4300
  15. I’m single
  16. I have a weird music taste, it goes from Slipknot to LOVE SHACK BABYYYYY
  17. I’ve been to Florida 6 times, soon to be 7!
  18. I hang around with my parents way to much for my own good
  19. My TV often turns itself on at 3am and scares the shit out of me
  20. I’m quite skinny, but I eat junk and a lot of it
  21. I have a real bad obsession with sunglasses. If its just gone sunny outside and I’m out and have no sunglesses on me, I have to buy some more
  22. I shoot on a Canon 650d
  23. My favourite lens is a 50mm
  24. I think I have a funny sense of humour
  25. I’m looking to change my career


There you have it! 25 facts about me, tell me something interesting about you!


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