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Why I’m glad I don’t have an Instagram theme

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Theres been an “Instagram theme” trend for a while now, and even though I think it looks AMAZING on so many different profiles, I just don’t want to do it! If you’re interested in seeing my Instagram click here, maybe even give it a follow hehe.



It seems amongst the blogging community everyone is doing this, and if you’re not, you need to update that Instagram of yours! I recently came across Hannah Gale’s post about how sticking to her theme was making her miserable and it really got me thinking. Instagram describes its social media as capturing little snippets of your day in a photographic way, which is what we all do.


What I’m getting at is, I’ve tried to have a theme and found myself not uploading great photos because they didn’t match the theme. So I thought F*CK IT. I want to upload what I want, and I’ve never looked back.


Of course I’m not just going to upload any picture. The photos that go on my Instagram are photos I feel are good enough for Instagram, they’re not blurry drunken selfies but they’re not masterminds either.

I may edit them more or less the same, but they don’t all have that theme about them, like as though they’re all taken on a white background. I mean half of them are my dog running through a field! I also don’t use my DSLR that much for my Instagram photos, I really enjoy using my phone for Instagram photography, its just so easy to whip out and the majority of the time get great results.


So basically, I’m not bashing people who have themes, I think they’re really great and the person behind that profile has really put a lot of effort into this. What I am saying is, if you don’t want a theme, don’t. Just upload your pretty pictures!


Do you have an Instagram theme? If so link my your Instagram! I love looking at new profiles!

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