The first walk of spring

Saturday morning the 4th of March I woke up and it finally felt like spring! The sun was shining through my curtains when I woke up, I love waking up like that it makes me feel fresh. So as it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take me dog on a much needed very long walk around a big field and sand dunes near my house.



I had taken my coat and forgotten my sunglasses (still in winter fashion mode), and it was so lovely and warm walking up I didn’t really need my coat. It’s so refreshing when it’s warm and sunny.


When we got to the field it was so nice to see all the other dog owners taking advantage of the sunny weather just like us, the field was much busier than usual which just brings all the summer vibes back to me.

I’ve never really been a winter gal. I’m one of those people who really have to pack on the layers cause I’m always so cold! I don’t particularly like the winter fashion either if I’m gonna be totally honest!


HOWEVERRRRR, I do live in the UK and good weather around this time of year doesn’t last too long. We spotted some rain in the distance and about an hour later it was raining again! Its was great while it lasted!


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Whats your favourite thing about spring?


6 thoughts on “The first walk of spring”

  1. I loved this post! My favorite thing about spring is the nature! It’s really pretty and beautiful, also, the bright sun always makes me feel refreshed and happy 😊 x


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