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The tech I use every day

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Having a degree in photography and studying photography and media for so many years, you would surprised how much “basic” tech I actually use. Many people seem to think that photographers use the best and priciest tech. Of course there are a lot that do, but quite a lot just use the basics and make do! I thought it would be interesting to show you what I use on a daily basis!


iPhone 6s

I got my iPhone 6s for Christmas in 2015, at the time I had a Samsumg s4 and I hated it, I didn’t really fancy the look of the new Samsung phone so I decided to go back to Apple as I already have a Macbook so I could connect my phone to it easy. Just over a year later and I still love it, I’ve dropped it so many times and it’s never broke! It takes reasonably good pictures if your in good light, in low light… meh not too good but your gonna find that on any phone. I get an upgrade around Christmas time this year and Im really looking forward to upgrading to the 7!


Macbook Pro

I got my Macbook pro years ago when I was in college when I found out that this is the operating system that was mainly used in the industry so I saved up for this Macbook Pro. I love it, but it wasn’t brand new when I bought it and its been about 5 years since then, so its really on its last legs.. And I can’t really fork out for a newer version right now so this will have to make do!


Canon 650d

Me and my 650d have been through my photography degree together, and when everyone was upgrading to full frame cameras I decided to stick with my 650d because my photos wont be going on any high resolution screens any time soon! So I really didn’t feel the need, even if I would lurrrrvveee a 5D or 6D! This camera is great for entry level photographers and experienced photographers, I love how lightweight it is and the touch screen is an absolute life saver!

50mm & 24 – 105mm lens

I’m currently on my second 50mm lens because I broke my first one whilst shooting a wedding, which actually lead to breaking my camera later on because I couldnt get the lens off it! Anyway, the 50mm costs around £60 which is a BARGIN for what it is, I strongly believe every photography lover should have a 50mm lens in their kit. The nifty fifty will help you learn more about aperture and focal length, its a great go to lens. I recently bought my 24 – 105mm lens and luckily found it for the cheapest I’ve ever seen it at £400 from cex (It’s normally around £1000). I’ve always admired it throughout my time at uni and often found myself borrowing this lens most of the time. Its a great kit lens and is pretty much an all rounder, you can’t go wrong with it.



Tinchy Stryder bluetooth speaker

I got this years ago for Christmas and its never let me down, its bluetooth and you can plug it in with an aux if your device doesn’t have bluetooth. I have this plugged into my lap top and just use it as a better speaker because I can’t stand the way my music sounds on my lap top, its that horrible tin can noise! I also love taking it out to the park in summer when you chill with your friends.


What tech do you use every day?


2 thoughts on “The tech I use every day”

  1. I really liked this post! It’s nice to see what other people use to make their photos look so inter and unique! I love your MacBook and IPhone!!

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