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Top 5 YouTubers I love

Hi everyone!

I’ve not posted in a while and I’m so sorry, I’ve had quite a few hours at work this week and have literally just come home and gone straight to bed. So today I thought I’d talk about the people I love watching on Youtube. I think I have quite a diverse choice and if your somewhat like me you may find yourself some new people to watch!

1. Helen Anderson

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Helen is my FAVOURITE person on Youtube, I’ve followed her for a very long time (Since SnakebiteSparkles!) and I really look forward to any video she posts. I guess you could call Helen and beauty/fashion/lifestyle Youtuber. She has a main channel where she posts her beauty, fashion and life style videos and a vlogging channel where you can find daily vlogs. (Which are incredibly filmed, she has a degree in film!). She also has fabulous social media, the girl is stunning. I love her style, its quite alternative but at the same time quite grown up which I love and take a lot of inspiration from. I highly recommend you check her out if your into everything I’ve mentioned!

Main channel

Vlog channel 

2. Kiera Rose

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Another Youtuber I’ve followed for a while! Kiera makes a lot of different videos, vegan what I eat, beauty, lush, favourites and vlogs. I really enjoy how she makes them as she tries to do it differently to everyone else, like her lush cocktail video or her story video. I really love how open she is about her life and her problems, when she talks about this its making her audience realise “oh its not just me!” and I love her for that. Not to mention she’s a rat mummy, and watching her with her rats is just the cutest!

Her channel

3. PointlessBlogVlogs


I know Alfie Deyes is quite well known but I have been really enjoying his vlogs lately. He gets up to so much and you can see he’s really trying to create great content for his vlogs, which always ends up very interesting. I particularly like his drone shots on Brighton beach, there beautiful and you can tell he’s put a lot of effort in.

His channel 

4. Pewdiepie


He’s the most subscribed to person on Youtube, so you have probably heard of him. A lot of people watch him for his gaming videos which I don’t actually enjoy as much as his other videos! His other videos always make me laugh so much, especially recently with the whole WSJ drama, I think he’s handled it so well and has turned his situation around. My favourite video of his was the response video to Sorsha, oh guys you have to watch it it’s just so funny!

His channel 

5. Zoe London


Zoe is a beauty/fashion Youtuber with an alternative twist, she also vlogs often too. Her hair videos are to die for, and I really love her style diaries series. The style diaries series is basically an outfit of the day but filmed amazingly. She’s very creative and inspirational!

Her channel 


I hope I gave you some new people to watch, who are your favourite people to watch on Youtube? Comment down below!



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