Top 5 fragrances for women

Valentine’s day is tomorrow! So I thought I’d tell you my top 5 ladies fragrances, wether your wondering which fragrance to go for tomorrow, or wether your thinking of buying a fragrance for someone.


1. Marc Jacobs Dot


At the minute this is my favourite fragrance. I got this for my birthday last week from my very sweet boyfriend, he knows me well! First of, the packaging is adorable and looks AMAZING sat on my dressing table. The smell is sweet, but very fresh its definitely an everyday perfume. You can find this for £28 on the superdrug website here

2. New Look Pure Blush


I love this perfume, its a staple that I always find myself reaching for and its lasted for ages! This fragrance is from New Look, the packaging is simple but the smell is so lovely, which is great because its so affordable. Its very sweet, and quite strong. A lot of people say I smell nice when I wear this. You can find this from New Look for usually £7.99, however there having a sale and its only £3!! Find it here.

3. Lancome La Vie Est Belle


I got this for my 21st last year off my sister. She got it for cheaper than what I’ve found it and unfortunately they’re not doing that deal anymore! This smells sweet, but not too over powering, it has a luxury smell to it. You can find it on Debenhams for £49 here.

4. Katy Perry Royal Revolution


I got this for Christmas a while ago now and its lasted me a long time! The packaging is great and the smell is very sweet but not too strong. You can find this for £16.90 on amazon here.

5. New Look Pure Dusk


Another New Look perfume! They smell great and are affordable, why not? I’ve had this longer than the other one and used less of it, I feel like its more of a going out or night time fragrance than an everyday one. The smell is quite different to the others, I would say it has a hint of sweetness and has that typical going out smell about it. You can find this on New Look for usually £7.99, but like the other has been reduced to £3. Find it here. (Please note they have also changed the packaging since I bought mine!)

I hope this was helpful for you! What’s your favourite fragrances?





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