Tips for buying your first car

Recently I bought my very first car. I haven’t passed my test yet and I’m undecided wether get learner insurance on it or not seeing as my test is coming up soon. However, I thought I would share my experience and my tips for buying your first car! My car is a 2009 Citroen C1.


Have an experienced driver help you

So my very first tip would be to have an experienced driver help you the whole way through choosing your car. For me, this was my dad. My dad’s had a lot of experience driving and with buying cars, so he really helped me and had a very good idea of good first cars.

Choose the right type of body

So my advice would be to research into types of cars, I knew I wanted to go for a hatchback as these seemed to be the most popular amongst young and new drivers. They also seem to be smaller, which I thought would be great for manoeuvring and parking! 


Choose a smart budget 

There’s no point spending a tonne of money on your first car, so choose a smart budget that you can afford. Also take into consideration the running costs and how much the insurance will cost on it. I’ve known people who have gone into buying a car and haven’t took into consideration the running cost or insurance and have ended up on their arse because it’s so expensive. My budget to buy a car was £1500 – £2500.


Shop around

Look everywhere, all different websites and garages. Stay away from the dodgey ones though! I actually found mine on ebay. I knew what I wanted to spend and constantly was pricing up all the cars, eventually I found a great one at a perfect price. 


Look at the specs

So my dad told me to look for cars with low millage, mine has around 40,000, cars with higher millage are more likely to have something go wrong with it. He also told me to look for cars less than 10 years old, as older cars are more upkeep and more likely to break down. Another thing was to make sure it hadn’t been in a accident, beware of cars with “category C or D”, I didn’t know what this meant it means they’ve been in accidents! 


My recommendation

There are three cars that I think are perfect first cars, they all popped up a lot whilst I was doing my research. All these cars are pretty much the same on the inside, they just have a different shell on them. These cars are the Citroen C1, Toyota aygo and the Pergeot 107. My sister has the Toyota and its pretty much the same, there all really cute run around cars which I think are perfect for first time cars. 


I hope my post helped you if your looking for your first car! Or if you just enjoyed the read. Thanks for reading!






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