Graduating University & The Aftermath


Seeing as my last post went down so well, I’m going to continue the story on a little! I graduated July of 2016 with a degree in Photography, you can read all about my degree work here!

Graduation was strange, it hadn’t really sunk in that it was all over and I wouldn’t see most of my classmates again. The day actually was so much quicker than what I had thought, my only regret was I wish I had taken more photo’s in my gown.

What I really wanted to talk about was the aftermath of graduation. I started to feel a little depressed as I never had a job in photography lined up for when I came out of uni, I also really started missing my flatmates. Instead I stuck to my theme park team leader job until their season ended. I felt as though I was wasting my degree a little, as I really wasn’t taking many photo’s and the photo’s I did take were for the company.


I felt like I had fallen out of love with photography, and still feel a little like that now. Which is why I’ve picked my blogging back up so it will give me somewhere to show case my images. I know I’m not the only one to come out of university and feel this way, which has made me feel a little better.

I always get people saying “so why don’t you just do wedding photography?”. Wedding photography really isn’t my thing, I have trouble producing images for people because I have no confidence. I end up just hating everything and not wanting to show anyone, I feel a little like that when I produce images for myself, but not as bad.


Photography is a difficult industry to get into, its ridiculously competitive and there’s a lot of free work and experience you have to do before getting properly paid. The industry is mostly freelance, which is scary as your not sure what your income is, something I never wanted to do.


I feel like I really need to explore my options, but for now I have two jobs which pay a better income for someone my age. I’m just going to concentrate on finding my love for photography again.





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