How to get into the festive spirit


Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

Do you struggle to get yourself into the festive spirit? I know I sometimes do. So I would like to share with you some of the things I do to get myself in spirit.

Start the dreaded Christmas shopping early

Thats right, get it over and done with! There’s nothing worse than trying to find presents for people last minute. Usually I am one of them last minute people, but this year I vowed to get it out the way and done with. However, of course it’s not gone to plan, I still have a few bits to get and I’ve not even thought about wrapping it. At least it’s not as late as last year! (Awkwardly laughs).


Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

Do Christmas activitiesย 

Spend free time doing Christmassy activities, wether it be ice skating, Christmas markets, visiting Santa, you name it. Christmas activities is probably the best way to get into the spirit. Me and Charlie (my boyfriend) went to visit the coke truck in Liverpool. It was a great experience and I’m so happy I’ve finally seen it up close. We never ended up getting some free coke off them as the que was HUGE.

Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

Christmas Jumpers

Start wearing your Christmas jumper, and if you haven’t got one buy one! Primark and H&M sell some really nice jumpers and they aren’t bad for the price. Sadly I can’t show you mine as its waiting to be repaired! My reindeer’s red nose has fallen off!


Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

Go to your favourite pub on a cold evening

Not everyone’s cup of tea, however it certainly is mine! I love having pub food, a few pints and a good catch up with my friends. Most pubs are so cosy and decorated for Christmas, which makes me feel so festive.


Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

There is plenty other ways to feel festive, but these are my favourite things to do during December, particularly the Christmas activities. Leave a comment below or tweet me what gets you feeling festive!



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