Faye Valentine//Amsterdam//Canon 650d

October is one of my favourite months, maybe thats because Halloween is in October! Putting Halloween aside, I feel like as soon as October hits, we kiss goodbye to summer and the Autumn season starts, along with mentions of Christmas. (Halloween before Christmas everyone!!!).


Faye Valentine//iPhone 6s

October’s been a busy month for me. Right at the start me and Charlie headed on our little adventure to Amsterdam, which was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. You can read all about our adventure here.


Faye Valentine//Amsterdam//Canon 650d

However, October’s not been the best month for me as I’ve been feeling incredibly down for a long time. I’m not moaning or complaining, I’m trying to be real here. As a graduate, I have found it extremely hard adapting to this “new adult life”. By this I mean the transition from student to a regular normal life. Job hunting and finding what I want to do with my life has been stressing me out since I left uni, although throughout the summer I had a great distraction to put my mind at ease, which was full time work. Now that my seasonal job is coming to an end and I’ve had to start job hunting, its all just hit me hard.


Faye Valentine//Amsterdam//Canon 650d

I’m not gonna lie, I really miss living away at uni, I miss my flatmates and Manchester. My degree is in photography, but I feel I need to stop seeing photography as work and start enjoying it again, so I’m putting it to the side as a hobby again much like this blog. Of course I want to find a job around the creative industry, it’s just a waiting game.

I’m trying to get back into shooting for myself again, which is why I’m using my blog more to present my photo’s. I’m going to try pick up my camera a lot more than I have been and get back on track.


Faye Valentine//Canon 650d

Of course, Halloween was in October, but I couldn’t properly celebrate it as I was working. Although halloween at work was great fun!

I’m ready for you November.


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