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Things To Do In Southport


Southport Pierย 

I grew up in Southport, and until I lived at university, I thought exactly the same as anyone else “there’s nothing to do here”. I was wrong! There’s plenty to do, I only realised when I moved away to Manchester for three years, as in this time I was visiting Southport. I guess if you grow up with everything around you, you don’t actually realise its there.


Marine Lake

I never originally did many tourist things around the town, and I still haven’t done most of it, hopefully I will do! The key is to follow events on facebook or twitter to see whats going on, I find Southport Bid is good to keep up with.

Lets get on with it.

Southport Pier


Southport Pier

Southport Pier is the second longest pier in the UK, I took the picture above near the top end after a while of walking down, it is a fair trek. However, if you don’t like walking there is a tram available to ride to the end, but why not enjoy the walk, whats the rush?

At the end of the pier there’s plenty of seating, a cafe and an old fashioned vintage arcade. The arcade is brilliant, not only is it fun but it’s also great looking at the vintage arcade machines and old pennies, well worth checking out.

Old pennies//Me & Charlie at the end of the pier

Feed the ducks at Marine lake


Marine Lake

Feeding the ducks, swans or seagulls is hands down one of my favourite things to do. It’s so childish yet you can really get some giggles out of it. If you havent brought bread, Morrisons is only round the corner with bread at around 50p. In the photo above, me and Charlie were throwing the bread into the air and letting the seagulls catch it, which is why there’s so many seagulls flying around close.


Marine Lake

Charlie even got a few to take bread from his hand. It was great going around sunset time as I got these beautiful golden photos. I love doing this, and it literally only costs 50p, so if your on a budget, give it a try.

Ice Cream


Marine lake wooden bridge

There are so many places to buy ice cream, I’ve even heard they sell asparagus ice cream in some places. However my favourite is a classic pink and white 99 and a walk around the lake.

Ride a boat on the lake


There are so many different types of boats you can drive on the lake, but these small motor ones are the most popular and they look pretty cool. I’ve only ever done this once and I’m sad they’ve gone back to only doing them on weekends! (I work on weekends)

Southport Pleasureland


Southport Pleasureland

I may be a tad bias, however I really think you should have a wonder over and go on a few rides. It operates on a token system so you spend whatever you want, you can go on just one ride if you really wanted.


There are so much more things to do here, but these are a few of my favourite things to do. I would also suggest checking out Ocean plaza, they have lazor tag, bowling, cinema and loads of restaurants.

If you’re thinking of visiting, hope I helped!


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