Norwegian Epic


The year 2016 is a special birthday year for my family, as I turn 21, my sister turns 18 and my dad turns 50. Therefore, we wanted to splash out a little more money for a nice holiday. We had been on cruise ships before, but never with Norwegian Cruise lines, which is a “freestyle” cruise line. The ship we chose was the Norwegian Epic, we were drawn to the amount you could do on the ship.


You had to board and get of the ship in Barcelona, so we stayed 3 nights in Barcelona before boarding. The ship visited Naples, Rome, Pisa, Cannes and Marseille.

While we where in Barcelona, we explored the streets and culture. We even visited Hard Rock cafe.

14369855_10207224928314721_8343262825937702270_n.jpgCosta coffee//Barcelona

From the moment we walked out of the taxi the ships staff took care of us and treated us like royalty. Our room was amazing and we quickly made ourselves at home. We made our way up to one of the top decks to watch the sail away party and we were handed caviar and champagne. Yummy yummy!

Throughout our stay on the ship we saw so many beautiful sights (my favourite being feeding the Italian seagulls!). It was great trying so many different food and drink, I found that I actually now like mushrooms, when previously I had hated them.


Naples Docks

Onboard the ship we watched some amazing shows, a drag queen show, a dance show and a circus show. You had to pay extra for the circus show, however it was well worth the money! Other entertainment around the ship was brilliant also, you could never say you were bored on this ship!

Mojito & Mango Meltdown

There were two cocktails which I loved,Β and if you ever go on this ship I highly recommend them! The picture on the left shows a mojito, I had a few of these in Barcelona however they were no were near as good as the Mojito’s on the ship, so refreshing and yummy. On the right shows a Mango Meltdown, my favourite cocktail they serve and so instagram worthy.

I had a brilliant holiday! If you ever think about going on a cruise, I highly recommend this ship!


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