Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


This is Makeup Revolution’s 144 eyeshadow palette, which you can buy here. For a while now, Makeup Revolution has been my favourite beauty brand, I always find myself walking straight to it when I go makeup shopping. Their products are fun and interesting, most of all its excellent value for money! I haven’t found any faults in any of their products, they’re all highly pigmented and feel like you are using a luxury product.

Now that I’ve expressed my admiration, its time to talk about this beautiful eyeshadow palette! 144 shades is a heck of a lot of shades, which means this palette is perfect for a eyeshadow hoarder such as myself. I received this palette for christmas off my sister, and boy don’t I love it! Well done Lucy, you have out done yourself for this Christmas!


Because this palette is so big, I leave it at my parents house for when I come home, therefore I don’t have to travel with any eyeshadow palettes! On a rainy boring day, I always pick this bad boy up to experiment with new looks. Almost every colour you need is in this palette, from the lightest of light, straight down do the intense darks. You also have a variety of neutrals and crazy spontaneous colours which I find myself wearing when I really thought I wouldn’t bother with. There is also shimmers and mattes, take your pick, anyone can make a great look with this palette!


Personally, I think this palette is a bargain for only £10, and any eyeshadow lover NEEDS this in their life. The palette is so pigmented, I can get away without wearing primer, although of course I wear primer on long days or when I go on a night out, and with primer the colours look brilliant!

“For £10, it can’t be that pigmented” I hear you say? Guess again, I’ve swatched the whole palette without any primer on! Take a look below!

First and second row:


Third and fourth row:


Fifth and sixth row: 


Seventh and eighth row:


Ninth and Tenth row: 


Eleventh and twelfth row:


Would you like to see me do a few looks with this eyeshadow palette? Comment below or contact me on my social media! 🙂

Faye ❤



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