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The Modern Day Analog

Camera used//Pentax K1000

I believe that analog/film photography is making a comeback. Whether it’s 35mm, polaroid or medium format. (There goes my nerd talk!) The feel of holding a physical photograph has a much better feeling than just looking at a bunch of pixels on a screen. I always find that digital photography looks a little washed out, so I end up putting VSCO film lightroom presets on them anyway. As much as I love digital photography (which is what I specialise in), I just find film much more fascinating.

aidan shootedited

Two years ago I bought my Fujifilm instax mini 8, I wanted it to have physical photographs that I can come back and appreciate later on in life, instead of scrolling through facebook (they also make great decorations!). Although the instax is a post for another day!

After loving my instax, I decided that I wanted to broaden my horizons and dip into the world of analog photography. Boy was it a learning curve! If you want to learn more about how photography works and just genuinely experiment, I highly recommend getting yourself a film SLR. How does this teach you more about photography you say? Well, it really makes you think about your shot before you just snap it. I often find myself snapping willy nilly with my DSLR without really thinking about the shot, but when I know I only have 24 shots in a roll of film, I don’t want to waste it so thinking how I will shoot is the key!

aidan shoot 7

As well as thinking about the framing, it makes you read and understand your light meter. Lighting is everything in photography, without it there would be nothing, and understanding your light meter also helps you understand aperture, shutter speed and iso. Balancing these settings is important to get the correct exposure, but these rules can be broken for more artistic images. I must warn you, iso works differently for film cameras, make sure you always check what iso your film is and set the camera to the right setting!

aidan shoot 2

On top of everything I have already mentioned, you also learn a lot about focusing! (If your focus is manual only of course) Focusing manually has really helped me with my digital photography, especially when photographing objects I always use manual focus and a tripod. I can now see if the focus is nice and crisp.

aidan shoot 11

Film photography suits everyone, it’s so nice to have physical photographs. I always think you should buy a disposable camera when going on holiday or to a festival, just so you can have a variety of different formats. If your interested in film photography, I bought the film I used for these photos in poundland, yes poundland!!! I got my film developed in Boots, it only took one hour and you can also have the images put on a CD or USB, but I decided to scan them in myself to save money. (Student probs!)

My advice on buying a good film camera is to do your research. I chose the Pentax k1000 because I had used it at university so I was used to it, also because its 35mm. I’ll also say to not buy your camera online, (unless its the fujifilm instax) these cameras are old and most probably second hand, I’ve heard many horror stories of people buying online and the cameras just aren’t up to scratch. I bought mine at a shop in Manchester, located in the northern quarter called The Real Camera Company.Β This way I could check if the camera was working correctly.

If you end up getting a film camera, have fun with it and experiment!

Faye ❀




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