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iPhone 6s battery life review

Phone case: Skinny Dip

I have always struggled with phones. Every phone I have had seemed to break or have so many faults with it. Even my trusty Sony Ericson w910i failed me! My last phone which was a Samsung Galaxy S4, really stressed me out! It was so fragile, but this wasn’t the worst thing to it. The battery. Oh that battery which I had replaces many times. It would turn off for no reason what so ever, then when it would eventually come back on, it had 0%, even though it had 70% when it turned off. It was that bad, that the percentage of the battery would go down when I had it on charge. Can you imagine how annoying that was? Basically, me and phones don’t really seem to get along.

After being put off Samsung, I decided to research into what are the best phones at the moment (which was before Christmas). Everyone was loving the new iPhone 6s, especially the rose gold colour. Not going to lie, the rose gold really made me favour this one over all the other phones on the market. My last apple phone was an iPhone 4, which is what I had to revert to after my Samsung had given up on me, so I was quite used to the iPhone software. After watching countless reviews, I decided this was the phone that I wanted, and my parents found a wicked deal with vodafone and got me the rose gold one for Christmas!

Now one month down the line, I am still in love with this phone! I have yet to come across any faults or it to lag, and it has NEVER run out of battery during the day! I own a macbook lap top, so my calendar and music are all synced together and I couldn’t be happier. Before I got this phone, I heard a lot of people complaining about the battery life of iPhone’s, therefore I wanted to put mine to the test as I think the battery is great! So here goes!

9:30am: I took my phone off charge and scrolled aimlessly through social media, I also checked how my city was getting on on SimCity.

10:00ish: After going on every app I had while lying in bed for half an hour, my battery was still at 100%, which is something that always amazes me! Sill full after me scrolling through pointless things on my phone!


12:00ish: I had just got to uni, I listened to apple music (Which uses the internet to stream music) for the whole of my half an hour walk to uni. Pretty impressive if you ask me!


3:00: After panicking to get all my work ready for my deadline that day, I only used my phone to google thing, check emails and send emails, and to text a few people. On the way home I listened to apple music again, its a free trail by the way! I sat down, made myself some soup and watched some TV while playing a few games and checking social media.


4:15: After shamelessly spending an unhealthy amount of time on SimCity, my battery had dropped to 66%. Still going strong though!


5:15: Once again I was listening to apple music, where I have discovered that I actually like Bring Me The Horizon’s new album… I never have liked their music, but recently I’ve been digging this album! Battery had dropped another 9%


7:00ish: Oh dear, me and my flatmate have left the flat and ended up at the student bar. I attempted to drink something other than beer and ended up with a cheeky vimto, which I instantly regretted. I just like beer too much! At this time, I was only using my phone to check facebook and send a few snapchats!


9:00: We wanted to get home in time for big brother, so put out pints into plastic cups and headed home. (You can’t waste anything being a student!) I was feeling a little bit wobbly at this point, but not much had changed to the battery.


11:10: Feeling nice and mellow now, I posted a few tweets about the housemates in the big brother house, other than that I just scrolled through social media.


12:54am: Oh dear its passed my bed time! Me and my flatmate decided to watch One Missed Call, which I fell asleep right at the start then woke up just as the credits had started. However, 26%!!! Not even made it into the red zone, now thats what I call a good battery life. Obviously it will never be anything like the good old Nokia bricks, but hey its damn good for a smartphone these days!



I am so super happy with this phone, I am very glad to say I am now an “iPhone wanker”.

Faye ❤


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