New Year-0654

Hello there!

Did you ever have those friends that you used to “play out” with who lived down the road? I did, my childhood felt perfect. I lived just out of town, basically in the middle of no where, surrounded by fields and trees. On new years day I met up with my two oldest childhood friends Mike and Adhvik. There the sort of people that you can go months without talking to, but when your back together with them it’s like nothings changed, no awkwardness you could find with other people.

New Year-0678

We all met up where we used to play out, in a small park with these wild crazy overgrown fields surrounding the area. It was perfect, just like old times! Silly old me just had to go and wear my skirt and tights, didn’t I? I forgot just how overgrown these fields were! These two boys dragged me through bushes, trees, fences and thorns. I’m not complaining, I absolutely loved every second of my feet being absorbed into the ground.

As you can see from above, my new gown up clothes just couldn’t cope with the crazy plant life haha!

New Year-0656

I even took my instax camera, although I only took one photo! It developed very strange, and at first I couldn’t get my head round why it looked so strange. Then I remembered, there meant to develop at room temperature, and this was typical January cold weather! However, this gave me some interesting ideas for my photographic projects at uni! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts about this!

Photo’s by Mike//WalkAMileInMyGlasses

Growing up in such an interesting adventurous place inspired my love for everything visual. As kids, I would use my phone to take photographs, they were crap but I enjoyed it so much. I soon got a digital point and shoot camera, I used to use the timer on it to take photo’s of us all, to try and create beautiful images of our beloved memories. Living here also sparked my love for adventure and travel. I’m so grateful I grew up here, what a wonderful childhood I had!

Beautiful things are everywhere, you just need to look for them.

Faye ❀



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