My Opinion On The Walking Dead Game

Hey guys!

First of all, I’d like to apologies for my disappearance for quite a while, life got in the way! However, I’m going to try and keep on top of things with my blog now. So to kick things off, this is Β my opinion on The Walking Dead games, both seasons!


Before we start, I use a Playstation 3 to play my games and I bought season 1 and 2 on the playstation store, they were both discounted as they were in the Easter sale section of the store.

In season 1, we play as Lee. We know nothing about him or his past, at the start all we know is that he’s in a cop car talking to a cop about his crime, which is killing someone. As your talking to the cop, you notice the amount of police heading the other way, as if something serious has happened, which is the start of the whole zombie apocalypse!

A long the way Lee meets Clementine, who is definitely my favourite in the game, she’s so adorable! There was a few characters I didn’t really like, such as Lilly, Lilly’s dad, Duck, and Carly. I loved Ben, he was so cute too!

The only thing that bugged me about this game, is that if you chose different choices, the changes were only subtle… So it is basically the same story throughout, with a few changes. After playing Life is strange (A game that is played in the same style, were you have a choice what to say and it will effect the game play) I really realised how subtle the changed in the Walking dead was.

Season 1 was brilliant, it kept me on the edge of my seat and I constantly wanted to play it all the time! I would recommend it to anyone, over 18 of course!


Season 2, was as great as season 1. I was worried that it might have lost its story but it proved me wrong! In this season you played as Clementine, I thought this was a great idea as you see Clem more mature, she can also stand up for herself. Although the story annoyed me the way the characters had Clem do so many difficult things.

Once again, season 2 was a great buy! There were certainly a few surprises that I didn’t expect, the story wasn’t predictable in the slightest, which made it a great game.

If your interested in this style of gaming, I would also recommend you play The Wolf among us and Life is strange. There all brilliant games!

Faye ❀


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