Eye Liner Haul!


I’ve been looking for an eyeliner that will stay on for a long time, so I decided to go to Superdrug yesterday and search the shop until I came out with a good eyeliner! Well, I came out with four eyeliners… A little overboard I know! But hey ho, may as well try them all! I also bought a new body spray which was on offer at half price.


So first up was the Impulse “Rock & Love” Amber & Orange blossom. My mum has this body spray and I’ve always loved the smell! It smells so fresh and is the perfect smell for summer in my opinion! It also lasts for most of the day, which I always find body sprays struggle to do. I’ve also had lots of compliments about smelling nice when I wear this, it’s defiantly a good buy, for under a pound too!

IMG_0106Now for the eyeliners! Β This is Rimmel London’s “Glam’eyes professional liquid liner” in the colour black glamour. I’ve used this eyeliner today, and surprising it hasn’t smudged, or created hoops on the top of my lids. The hoops was one of my main concerns while choosing eyeliners, I currently have a L’oriel liner which does this! Although I must point out that applying the liner was quite difficult for me, I don’t know if it’s because I’m so used to pens, or what, but the brush was a little too thin for me! Otherwise, it’s been great all day!


This is another Rimmel London product, “Scandaleyes” in the colour black. I found out about this eyeliner from the youtuber EssieButton, and it seemed to be a great eyeliner to use for winged eyeliner. I haven’t used this eyeliner yet, but I’m going to try this one tomorrow!

Master Kajal

This is Maybelline’s “Master Kajal” in the colour pitch black. I’m not very sure about this eyeliner as its not liquid, its more of a pencil texture, but seems to be very soft.

big eyes

This is Maybelline’s “Big Eye liner”, it’s double ended with a black pencil and a white pencil. I’ve wanted this pencil for ages after I tried my mums. For me, pencils don’t seem to go on very well but this one is brilliant and goes on instantly instead of standing there for ages going over it! I use this to line the bottom lash line with the black end, then I line the waterline with the white colour and it does make such a difference. My only problem is that it does smudge under your eyes a little, which is such a shame!

Please comment and tell me what eyeliners you use! I’d love to know πŸ™‚

Faye ❀


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