Underneath The Skin

Hello! My name is Faye, Im new here! Although I have blogged in the past when I was at high school. Heres a little about me and what is expected to come from my blog! I’m a student photographer who currently studies at Salford University, originally from a seaside town called Southport. I created this blog to give people an insight to my life, as well as present my photography and many other things! I also have a zero confidence in myself and my work, hopefully this blog will help me with this! You will see lots of different things within my blog, such as gaming, beauty, fashion, photography, cameras, lifestyle, and just day to day life! My biggest interest within photography is fine art and fashion, these are the genres I hope to specialise in the future! But lately I have been dipping into a bit of life style photography, and of course I shoot a lot of other genres of photography. I also own a playstation 3, so if anyone want my PSN, please ask! πŸ™‚ 11152352_10204264287700556_4331980029376388372_n


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