4 Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch

Ever feel like theres so much choice on Netflix that you don't know where to start? You click on a show that looked okay, but you're just not getting into it? I get the "Netflix block" all the time, so I've made a list of a few shows which I think are the best series… Continue reading 4 Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch

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My Hurricane Irma Experience

If you keep up with my Instagram and Twitter, you'll know that I've recently just got home from Florida. I was in Florida from the 1st - 15th of this month, so Irma came slap bang in the middle of my holiday. I think I should also mention that this isn't my first hurricane, I was… Continue reading My Hurricane Irma Experience

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Top Places To Eat In Orlando

If you've been keeping tabs on my Instagram, then you'll know I've recently just been to Florida! And yes hurricane Irma was slap bang in the middle of my holiday. However this post isn't about Irma, I'm going to be talking about great places to eat out in Orlando seeing as I am quite the… Continue reading Top Places To Eat In Orlando


Sunglasses Collection

I am known for hoarding sunglasses. I love them, I think it is pretty much the ultimate accessory. I love sunglasses that much I'll even wear them in the winter. After the years I have hoarded quite a lot of sunglasses, so I thought I'd share my favourites. I love these purple reflective sunglasses! I… Continue reading Sunglasses Collection

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Why I’m glad I don’t have an Instagram theme

Theres been an "Instagram theme" trend for a while now, and even though I think it looks AMAZING on so many different profiles, I just don't want to do it! If you're interested in seeing my Instagram click here, maybe even give it a follow hehe. It seems amongst the blogging community everyone is doing this,… Continue reading Why I’m glad I don’t have an Instagram theme


The first walk of spring

Saturday morning the 4th of March I woke up and it finally felt like spring! The sun was shining through my curtains when I woke up, I love waking up like that it makes me feel fresh. So as it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take me dog on a much needed… Continue reading The first walk of spring