Top 5 Festive Lipsticks

Its finally that time of year were you can whip out your favourite berry lipstick and FLAUNT IT GIRL! I feel like everyone has a few lipsticks that are pretty much worn all the time around the festive season, I certainly do so why not share my top 5! Mac Ruby Woo Would this really… Continue reading Top 5 Festive Lipsticks


5 Signs You Need To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

It can be hard to see if your relationship is toxic. You might ask yourself, is it me? Am I just expecting to much? Should a relationship be like this? If you find yourself asking these questions you should probably read on, or even so if you aren't asking these questions, you could find yourself… Continue reading 5 Signs You Need To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship


Halloween Makeup You Need!

With Halloween being TODAY, I thought I would share some of the interesting Halloween makeup that I've recently bought! I tried to post this before this weekend just gone, but with work and other commitments I couldn't wahhhh. First up I wanted to talk about this amazing eye shadow palette from Makeup Revolution. I picked… Continue reading Halloween Makeup You Need!


Why Urban Decay Heat Is The Best Palette For Autumn

This year I'm feeling more Autumnal than ever, and I really wanted to share with you why I think the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is a staple for this time of year. First of all, just take a look at it next to those pumpkins, everything matches! If you read my post on what… Continue reading Why Urban Decay Heat Is The Best Palette For Autumn

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What I got from Florida

Recently I went to Florida, and I was there when hurricane Irma hit! You can read all about my hurricane experience here!  And I splashed out! I just thought to myself, I'm in Florida, why not treat myself. So I saved before I went and let lose while I was there, and thought I would… Continue reading What I got from Florida


4 Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch

Ever feel like theres so much choice on Netflix that you don't know where to start? You click on a show that looked okay, but you're just not getting into it? I get the "Netflix block" all the time, so I've made a list of a few shows which I think are the best series… Continue reading 4 Shows On Netflix That You Need To Watch

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My Hurricane Irma Experience

If you keep up with my Instagram and Twitter, you'll know that I've recently just got home from Florida. I was in Florida from the 1st - 15th of this month, so Irma came slap bang in the middle of my holiday. I think I should also mention that this isn't my first hurricane, I was… Continue reading My Hurricane Irma Experience